Woodbridge Track Layout

Woodbridge Circuit is no stranger to speed and adrenaline.

Originally constructed in 1943 as a Royal Air Force (RAF) airfield during the Second World War to assist damaged aircraft to land on their return from raids over Germany its combination of large space and big runways with interesting perimeter roads lend itself perfectly for a safe environment to enjoy your experience day.

Until recent years it has been used as a motorsport’s venue for hosting, trackdays, rally’s and sprints. Recent years it has had a break from external motorsports but has still been busy as a testing/ training facility for not only race teams but also the Police! Woodbridge is situated ideally for guests in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk looking for a local Supercar Experience for all ages and levels of experiences.

Woodbridge is a multi-experience venue you will also be able to enjoy our Young drive lessons and Lorry Experiences

PSR Experience is proud to be the only provider offering these Experience Days at this venue.

Track In-Depth

Founded 1943
No. of Corners 12


Rock Barracks, Heath Rd, Woodbridge, IP12 3LZ

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Limited availability on weekends - no weekday dates available.

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Getting There

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**Important Note**

Blasts are a 3-mile experience and Thrill a 6-mile experience, at most venues, these are typically 3 and 6 laps (more at our smaller venues) respectively however at the much longer circuits such as Woodbridge where the laps are over a whopping 1.5 miles all 3 and 6 lap experiences will be 2 and 4 respectively - but you will actually receive a little over your expected 3 & 6-mile experiences. For those of you lucky enough to have an "Extended Thrill" or 9 Lap experience it will be 6 laps giving over 9 miles!!!

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