Build your MINI Cooper S (Learner Driver Lessons) Experience!

Our Mini Cooper S is reserved for our Junior Driver Training for anyone from age 10+ (minimum height 4ft 10). The lessons are slow speed and designed to help develop the basics in car control just like your first lessons would be on the road for when you first start building your experience for your test.

Items covered include: clutch control, reversing, parking, changing gear, manoeuvring and more.

From £59

Vehicle Specification

Top Speed (MPH) 133
Engine Size (Litres) 1.6
Engine Configuration Inline
Power Output (BHP) 170
0-60mph 6.8
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More about the MINI Cooper S (Learner Driver Lessons)

Discover the art of driving with precision and flair as you embark on the journey of learning in the Mini Cooper S. More than just a car, it becomes your trusted companion in the realm of clutch control and manoeuvres during our under-18 driving lessons.

The compact size of the Mini Cooper S makes it an ideal canvas for honing essential skills. With a manual transmission that demands attention, aspiring drivers learn the delicate dance of clutch engagement and gear shifts. The responsive nature of the vehicle turns every parking lot and quiet street into a playground for mastering the intricacies of tight turns, smooth stops, and controlled acceleration.

Inside the cockpit, the Mini Cooper S offers a student-friendly environment. The supportive seats, clear visibility, and intuitive controls create a conducive space for new drivers to build confidence and competence. The iconic design and playful personality of the Mini add an element of excitement to the learning experience, making each lesson an adventure.

As the next generation of drivers takes their first steps behind the wheel, the Mini Cooper S becomes more than just a car for driving lessons; it becomes a symbol of empowerment, a catalyst for building a foundation of skills that will last a lifetime. So, buckle up, grasp the shifter, and let the Mini Cooper S be your guide on the road to becoming a skilled and confident driver.

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