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Vehicle Specification

Top Speed (MPH) 155
Engine Size (Litres) 4.6
Engine Configuration Front V8
Power Output (BHP) 435
0-60mph 4.3
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More about the Ford Mustang GT 5.0

The Ford Mustang GT V8 5.0 is an American icon that effortlessly marries raw power with timeless design. Underneath its muscular and unmistakable exterior, a 5.0-liter V8 engine roars to life, delivering an exhilarating performance that pays homage to the Mustang’s heritage. With 435 horsepower at its command, the GT accelerates with a thrilling urgency, embodying the spirit of true American muscle.

The aggressive styling of the Mustang GT V8 5.0 is a nod to its legendary lineage, featuring a bold front grille and distinctive fastback profile. The throaty growl of the V8 engine is a soundtrack to its commanding presence on the road. Equipped with advanced suspension and responsive handling, the Mustang GT offers a driving experience that is both dynamic and engaging.

Inside, the Mustang GT combines modern technology with a classic yet contemporary design. The driver-centric cockpit features intuitive controls and premium materials, providing a comfortable and exhilarating environment for enthusiasts. Whether tearing down the open road or idling at a stoplight, the Ford Mustang GT V8 5.0 captures the essence of American muscle, offering a thrilling blend of power, performance, and iconic style.

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