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Vehicle Specification

Top Speed (MPH) 193
Engine Size (Litres) 3.8
Engine Configuration Rear Flat 6
Power Output (BHP) 415
0-60mph 4.1
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More about the Porsche 911

In the real world it’s the fastest car of them all, the “ultimate everyday” supercar effortlessly propels drivers of all abilities around the circuits at deceptive pace.

The 911 is one of the most revered and praised sports cars in the world with the Turbo model firmly being in the Supercar catergory. With over 50 years of fine tuning, the 911 has lightweight construction, maximum performance, amazing traction and grip. The 911 Turbo’s rear mounted water-cooled 3.8 litre Flat 6 engine generates 523 BHP, which, along with its 4 wheel drive drivetrain, reliably powers the car from 0-60 in an eye watering 3.0seconds, with many exceeding 200MPH.

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